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Pat Novosel
March 8, 2017 | Pat Novosel

2 Chicago Restaurants now serving Treasure Wines

We are excited to announce that two new Chicago restaurants will be serving Treasure Wines - Swift & Sons and Cherry Cirle Room - both are top Chicago restaurants.  Visit soon and enjoy Treasure Wines!

Swift & Sons - The team of Boka Restaurant Group, B. Hospitality, Executive Chef Chris Pandel and world renowned designers, Avroko, have created Swift & Sons - A place that not only elevates what has already been done, but evolved the American steakhouse for the modern diner.   In 19th century Chicago, the cattle trade was one of the most prestigious businesses of which to be involved, with one of the industry pioneers being Gustavus Franklin Swift. The design for Swift & Sons takes its inspiration from this titan of the industry, re-imagining what this fictitious company's headquarters might look like in the retro-future.

Cherry Circle Room - Executive Chef Peter Coenen’s rustic yet refined menu gets creative with familiar regional classics at this fine dining restaurant, while one of Chicago’s star barmen, Paul McGee, elevates the cocktail program with classic recipes and tableside cocktail service. Both are in cahoots with the award-winning creative minds of Chicago’s own Land and Sea Dept., purveyors of Longman & Eagle, beloved for its distinctively American farm-to-table, nose-to-tail ethos.


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